7 Ways to Have a Greener Dental Office

1. Go Digital

  • Use a digital X-ray machine, this eliminates chemical waste from processors.
  • Utilize paperless charting, this will save POUNDS of paper and waste in your office per year.

2. Save Water

  • Run water only when needed and do not leave sinks on.
  • If you don’t have one already, switch to a waterless vacuum pump.  It can save up to 25,000 gallons of water per year over a wet ring pump.

3. Recycle & Reuse

  • Recycle whenever possible! Great things to recycle are scrap papers, cardboard boxes, plastic water bottles, plastic containers and metal cans. Also put a recycle bin in your reception area for patients to use.
  • You can also reuse scrap paper and print double-sided to minimize paper use.
  • Use metal utensils instead of plastic in the staff lounge area.

4. Have Patient’s Bring Their Own Toothbrush

An orthodontic office usually sees patients every 6 weeks for appointments where they allow time for brushing without the wires in. To save on waste, encourage patient’s to bring their own toothbrush rather than using a disposable on at the office.  Depending on how many patients you see per day, this can save thousands of toothbrushes per year!

5. Save Energy

  • Install energy efficient lighting and light bulbs and use natural light when possible.
  • You can also use energy efficient appliances in your office as well as rechargeable batteries.
  • Turn lights off in areas that are not being used.
  • Check the seals on your windows for more efficient heating and cooling.

6. Buy Local

  • Look for locally made or refurbished dental equipment.
  • You can look for gently used office furniture from a warehouse or Craig’s List.
  • There may also be some great dental products that are made locally.

7. Shop Smart

  • Make purchases in bulk to decrease packaging from shipping – and save money! Reuse shipping boxes and you will decrease your shipping expenses.
  • Consider using dental supplies that you can autoclave rather than disposables.
  • There are even reusable cloth autoclave bags!


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